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10 Business Ideas Using a Cargo Trailer

10 Business Ideas Using a Cargo TrailerEveryone wants to find ways to generate some extra income, and many people look at a side hustle as a way to do that. A cargo trailer can offer a perfect opportunity to put together a business either as a side gig or your primary job.

As you explore these ideas, be sure to research your local laws to understand what licenses you may need.


1. Lawn Care & Landscaping

One of the easiest business ideas to start is probably a lawn care and landscaping business. From the simple lawn mowing gig to full landscape design services, a trailer helps you get your equipment to job sites. A small cargo trailer is sufficient for small jobs where you need a mower, blower, rake, and edger.


2. Hobby Businesses

Many people have hobbies that they would love to turn into a business. However, one of the problems is often having enough space to create the volume needed to generate income. A trailer is an excellent way to expand your space for both storing and working. It does not matter whether your hobby is creating art or restoring antique toys, a trailer will help you expand your operation.


3. Mobile Services Business

Service gigs are one of the easiest businesses to start. Aside from any required licenses, there is usually very little overhead to start a service-based business. Some services you could consider include:


  • Pet grooming
  • Hair & makeup trailer
  • Shredding services
  • Digital document archiving
  • Massage or spa services
  • Auto Detailing
  • IT services
  • DJ services
  • Pool cleaner
  • Cleaning services



4. Mobile Office

If you are intent on working from home but want to maintain mobility, then a cargo trailer may be the ticket. With a properly outfitted trailer, you can have mobile internet, electricity, heat or air conditioning, and comfortable furniture. This means that you can travel across the country without missing a day in the office. Or if your home is starting to feel small, this gives you a great place to dedicate to work, and leave work outside your home.


5. Business Storage

One of the challenges to so many home-based businesses is the need for storage. Whether you have equipment or extra product you just need to keep out of the way, a trailer can help. This allows you to keep everything out of your home, as well as easily transport it if needed. No more lugging everything in and out of the car, and trying to stash it away again.


6. Contractor Businesses

If you provide licensed contracting services, it may be more cost-effective to outfit a trailer over the traditional cargo van. Depending on the kind of contracting service, you may also gain some sheltered workspace while at your job site. Consider the ability to bend pipe from within the trailer, even if it is stormy outside. Some of the best contractors that can benefit from a trailer include plumbers, electricians, home handymen, and carpenters.


7. Moving Services

No one likes the task of moving. It is a pain to pack everything up, and also a pain to get it moved. While a trailer may not be enough to load a whole house, it could certainly help this service. A trailer is perfect for providing space for small moves, like an office, to carting around packing supplies like boxes.


8. Coffee Shop or Food Trailer

Food trucks have continued to grow in popularity thanks to the lower overhead compared to traditional restaurants. One step easier than an actual food truck is to have a food trailer. There are several companies that can help outfit a license ready trailer including pizza, coffee, mobile grill, pastries or goodies, and more! If this is a passion for you, be sure to start by getting a SafeServ certification and that your trailer will meet local health standards.

9. On-Location Mechanical Repair Services

There is a lot to be said for taking your car to a mechanic. However, that can also be a hassle. Consider that your car is not the only mechanical thing that needs to be repaired either. There are also bicycles, lawnmowers, and more! You can use a trailer to offer on-site repair services so people don’t have to get their stuff to you. Be sure to consider any local ordinances and licenses needed to provide these kinds of services.


10. Photography Services

Photography is something many people take enjoy, and try to make some side income with it. However, there are some things that would make it more profitable than simply taking a camera and meeting someone. Consider a mobile photography studio, complete with props and backdrops. You can also offer a photo booth. A trailer helps to transport all of the equipment you might need.

These are just a few business ideas for taking a trailer and turning into a money-making machine.