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9 Things to Look for in a New Trailer

9 things to Look for in a TrailerTrailers come in handy for a variety of uses. Many are used for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, classic cars, and landscaping equipment. They can also be used to haul furniture and antiques. However, regardless of your cargo, you will need a strong, durable trailer to carry it in.

Trailers are not just spur of the moment purchases. They are important investments. You need to make sure you are not buying junk. As such, here are nine different things that you must check to make sure you are getting your money's worth:


The Paint or Sealant

It is super important to be sure that you are purchasing a trailer that can stand up to all sorts of weather. The paint or sealant is a huge part of this. It certainly is there for much more than looks.

Without a proper seal, water can get inside trailers, ruining them and any cargo that they contain. However, a good primer and paint job can keep the trailer dry. Some paint can even repel moisture and resist corrosion.


The Number of Wall Studs

More wall studs means better-supported walls, which means stronger trailers. Less studs means studs that are spread farther apart, which means much less sturdiness.

Try to aim for wall studs that are only 16 inches apart. While wall studs can also come approximately 24 inches apart, this makes for a much weaker wall.


The Aluminum Skin

The thicker the skin is, the more likely it is that it will stand up to the wear and tear of consistent use.

Be sure to find a trailers with .030 aluminum skins at the least. You can’t really tell the thickness just by looking at it. Instead, be sure to check its specs. Many come as thin as .025, and that is not recommended to last.


The Roofing

Check the roof to be sure it is made from materials that are high quality. If water can seep through, you can destroy your new investment as well as whatever you are transporting. Also, a leaky roof can lead to a moldy interior, which is not only unsightly, but also hazardous to your health.

A one-piece roof made from aluminum is your best bet. It should wrap around the trailer's sidewalls for extra protection. This is better than any typical seal.


The Interior Walls and Floor

Durable trailers need to be just as strong inside as on the outside. That said, interior walls and floors made of plywood are much stronger than those made of particle board.

You want a sturdy material inside that will not get damaged, broken, or cracked. Unfortunately, many cheaper manufacturers depend on cutting corners to lower costs. This means using flimsy materials. Many, like particle board, usually can’t hold up to the frequent hauling of heavy items. Plywood is usually your best option instead.


The Header Caps

The header caps are typically made from sturdy fiberglass, though you may find cheaper options made from plastic. These do not usually last long because they tend to be fragile and weak.

It’s easy to spot the fiberglass variety because they look and feel superior. They are definitely the better choice.


The Axles

Axles do most of the heavy lifting for your unit. They must be strong and sturdy in order to be dependable. A broken axle can render your whole model inoperable.

Axles also simply cannot break because their destruction leads to a host of other issues. For example, your bearings can overheat, or your tires could blow.


The Warranty

Manufacturers will always be willing to stand by a solid product. As such, they should provide a strong, iron-clad warranty. Be sure that the document is clear and concise and does not contain any unreasonable exceptions.

Also, the axles, being as important as they are, should be covered in the warranty. If they are not, be sure to find a model with a warranty that does cover them.


Spring-Assisted Rear Door/Ramp

Spring-assisted mechanisms help with opening the back door and closing it. Without the device, doing this is next to impossible, and it is far from safe.

The mechanism is nothing more than some springs that attach to the door, enabling it to be lifted by them, and not you. Without them, the door could actually fall on someone trying to open or close it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In conclusion, finding a model that meets each requirement can be difficult, but it is possible. At USA Trailers, our models are sure to cover all the above criteria and much more. The trailers we sell are of fantastic quality and we know they will meet all of our customers' needs for years to come. That is why Michigan consumers trust us. Come in to one of our six Michigan locations to see our premium fleet today.