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Dump Trailer or Dump Truck?

While there is not a “right” answer for everyone when it comes to dump trailers vs a dump truck but there are some things you should consider before buying either. There are a lot of variables like your typical job site size, financing, how many people on your crew and even your skill. Today we will take a look at a few of the variables to think about when you are deciding between a dump truck or dump trailer.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are smaller, offering more maneuverability and can be good for small job sites where maneuvering a trailer could be more challenging. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost: Trucks are much more expensive to maintain and the initial cost of the truck will be much higher than a trailer. While dump trucks cost much more than a trailer initially they tend to not hold their value as well over time. This alone is often the deciding factor for companies considering their next truck or trailer purchase.

Another big difference is the CDL license. Most dump trucks will require a CDL license to operate so someone will have to have a CDL license to operate the truck. This can be an issue if there is only one person with the CDL and they are not working or in another location.

For many years it could be easier to finance a truck rather than a trailer, but things have changed. USA Trailer Sales offers financing on all of our trailers, including dump trailers so this is not really a factor.

Dump Trailers

If you have been doing research on the internet you have likely found that many favor a trailer over a dump truck because there are a lot of pros and not too many cons. This still doesn’t mean that trailers are always the right answer, let’s look at a few things to consider:

Dump trailers will have a lower load height than a dump truck which can be a big deal for solo operations or a small crew. They also feature a bigger payload capacity than most dump trucks, but this can come at a cost. Their large size makes them less maneuverable than a dump truck which may be an issue for small job sites and storage when not in use.

The cost of maintaining a dump trailer versus a dump truck is considerably less. Dump trailers will also hold their value much better over time than a dump truck however, they do require a heavy-duty truck to tow.

The last point to consider with a dump trailer is that you have the option to leave the trailer on site and still use the truck on other job sites or leave the crew onsite to load the trailer and pick them up after it is loaded.

You may also consider purchasing both if it is in the budget. Many choose to do this when they can as the benefits of each could make it worth it in the long run. If have a small crew (or even a solo operation) and you’ve got a heavy duty truck along with some confidence in your towing skills then there is a good chance that a dump trailer is perfect for you.

The experts at USA Trailer Sales are always here to help you negotiate the many options and possible customizations. Please contact us with any questions you may have or stop by one of our six Michigan locations to speak with a local trailer expert today.