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How to Customize Your New Trailer

Custom TrailerTrailers have so many uses, especially for residents and businesses of Michigan and Ohio. Having the right trailer for your needs means you will have the freedom to move about without hassle. 

But what does it take to have a trailer that is truly useful for you? Unfortunately, it does means going beyond the normal stock trailer options. After all, when you buy a trailer that comes with someone else’s specifications, you are left trying to squeeze everything you need in. More often than not stuff just will not fit correctly, there is wasted space, or things get damaged because it was not stored effectively.

This is why a custom trailer is almost always the right option. Whether you run a business from your trailer, are hauling horses or cars, or are using it for the family vacation, designing a trailer for your specific needs will provide the best experience. 

Here is some of what you will want to consider when you are looking at your options and deciding how to customize your trailer.


Size & Weight 

The very first consideration is always going to be the size. Most people recognize that the trailer must fit what they need. However, some people do not also take into account the weight as well. Both are extremely important to keep you safe while you a hauling down the road.

For the size, you want to consider all that you will normally haul with your trailer, and then look at the depth and width you will need. Additionally, if you are looking at an enclosed trailer, you will want to be sure it is tall enough as well. 

In addition to the physical size, you want to consider the weight. This means looking at the a few things. First, you want to know what the towing capacity is for the vehicle you are driving. This will have to take into account both the weight of the trailer as well as your cargo. 

Next, consider whether you need a single axle or dual axle rig. Be sure to check your local ordinances for what weights require the extra axle. Generally, heavier loads need the dual axle to distribute the weight. You will also want to consider whether you will need an auxiliary braking system on your trailer.


Storage Options

Next, think about what you will need to store, and how to do it effectively. Do you need a cage for lawn care equipment? What about a tongue rack for fuel? Perhaps you would benefit from shelves or cabinets to store supplies and smaller equipment and tools? Thinking about what you will haul, and how best you can store it will ensure the safety of your cargo, and also that you can efficiently get at what you need when you arrive.



What exactly are accessories when it comes to a trailer? We have already discussed storage, so what else is there? There are many other ways of helping to get your trailer working just the way you want it. Consider whether you need electricity, which could mean a generator. What about air conditioning for your trailer? How about windows or vents? How about additional tie-down options? What about lighting, either electric or natural? These are all accessories that you should consider when designing your trailer.


Odd Shapes

Are you loading odd-shaped cargo? You have probably experienced how frustrating it is trying to load something odd in a standard shape or size trailer. This is why thinking outside the box with a custom trailer is important. You could do a cone front end, a tapered back end, or even a sloping or leveled roof. The possibilities are endless, just depending on what you need.


Loading & Unloading

You should consider how you will load and unload your load as well. Is a standard back entry enough for you? Do you need both a back entry and a side entry? Do you need a ramp for loading equipment? Does your rear entry swing down to allow for loading, or swing open to the side? If it swings open to the side, does the entire door swing, or is it split? As you can see, there are many options available, depending on what you need.


Colors & Branding

Finally, if you are using your trailer for business, you can make it a rolling billboard for your products or services. You can have the trailer painted in your brand colors with a logo, or do a full wrap advertisement. Either way will bring awareness to your company and help drive more business.

No matter what kind of custom trailer you need in Michigan or Ohio, USA Trailer can spec it out. Call one of our trailer specialists to get started on your design today.