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Loading a Snowmobile Trailer

Choosing a Cargo Trailer

Old man winter is on his way and here in Michigan we are getting ready for another fun-filled snowmobile season. For most snowmobilers a trailer is a big part of getting to their snowmobiling destination. Today we would like to offer a few tips to help you load the sleds safely and efficiently for your next snowmobile outing.


Safety First

Loading in a flat open area that is free of obstacles is a good place to start. Be sure to clear the trailer of any gear, tarps and tie downs before you begin loading.  You should always wear your helmet while loading just in case things don’t go exactly as planned.

You should be sure that you have enough distance to gain some momentum. Loading from a standing or posting position could eject the rider if there is a sudden stop so remain seated while loading. Steady momentum instead of speed is the secret to loading your sled smoothly.

Tilt Snowmobile Trailers

Generally, you should have two people when loading a tilt trailer. One person can keep the trailer tilted with their foot while the other rides the sled into place. Once the skis are on the trailer the helper can step back from the trailer and momentum should carry the sled, rider and trailer into position.

From here we just hit the kill switch, apply the parking brake and remove the key. Next secure the ski hold-down bar and load any remaining gear. Always perform a final walk-around just to ensure there are no loose ends and that’s it, drive safely.

Maximize Space – Inline Snowmobile Trailers

Today’s snowmobiles have become much more expensive and offer a lot of features. The same is true of inline trailers. These trailers range from basic to loaded with options like fuel storage, lights and even glove and boot dryers. These trailers offer two ramp doors, one at the rear and a second angles ramp at the front of the trailer and come in a variety of sizes.

While there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to load your trailer (from the front or back). With a little planning you may be able to gain a bit of space and save some money on your next trailer and even on storage fees in the off season.

By loading your trailer from front to back you may be able to gain a couple of extra feet in the v-nose section of the trailer which could allow you to purchase a slightly shorter trailer and save a few extra bucks. The other consideration is for those of you out there that will be paying to store your trailer during the off season. Most storage facilities charge for storage by the length of your trailer. Having a trailer that is a couple of feet shorter could save you hundreds of dollars in storage fees over the next few years.

USA Trailer offers a variety on inline snowmobile trailers to choose from. Stop in and see us at one of our six locations or contact us online when you are looking for your next snowmobile trailer.