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The Best Apps for Towing a Trailer

Best Apps for TowingIt does not matter whether you are towing locally or on an extended road trip, having the right apps can make the difference. There are options for everything from helping you navigate to keeping you alert while you drive. Dive into this list and assemble your perfect ensemble for where your adventures take you.


Travel Apps

Waze is one of the most popular GPS apps available. It is a pioneering app that allows users to easily update road conditions allowing you to navigate around hazards or backups. In addition, it offers some ability to find gas and restaurants on your route, including gas prices.


Google Maps is a standard navigation app that has been on Android phones since the beginning. It has developed over time to come inline with the features of Waze since Google acquired that app in 2013.


Roadtrippers is an incredible navigation app if you are looking for something more than the basic directions to a destination. The premium version allows you to set in multiple points to customize your route as well as collaborate with others.


GasBuddy simply helps you find gas while you are traveling. You can look out from your current location to find the cheapest gas, or find your preferred brand’s closest station. If you want to take it a step further, you can submit gas prices to earn points for entries into a raffle for free gas.


The Weather Channel is the perfect app for keeping an eye on the weather while on a road trip. If you are towing a heavy load you want to avoid being on the road during inclement weather. Set the app up to give you real-time notifications for severe weather as well as precipitation.


Finance Apps

Venmo is one of the most popular cross-platform pay apps available. If you need to accept or send payments to people for side work, this makes it easy. It also allows a group to easily share expenses while road tripping.


ApplePay is similar to Venmo but specific to Apple devices. One of the beauties of this particular option is the growing acceptance in traditional brick and mortar businesses.


Splitwise is the perfect solution to having a group adventure. It is a hassle to try to split every bill along the way, so this app tackles that for you. You simply log the shared expenses, and who has paid what, and allows you to easily balance things at the end of the trip.


Leisure & Entertainment

OpenTable is the perfect app if you want to avoid a long wait for a table to eat. If you are traveling through major metro areas this will help you find good food faster.


AllSet is the perfect road trip companion in the new normal. This simple app allows you to order ahead from local eateries for takeout or to eliminate the wait when you arrive.


Audible is a perfect companion for when you are driving long distances. Find a book or two before you leave, and keep your mind engaged. Audiobooks are a great way to fend of dangerous highway hypnosis while also expanding your mind.



Unspooled is the perfect podcast if you consider yourself a movie buff. Going beyond just reviews, this series digs into the most popular films rated by AFI, exploring the backstory and production.


The Daily If you appreciate The New York Times, then you will love this podcast. This weekday podcast provides an in-depth look at what is happening around the world from a team of professional journalists.


Serial is a perfect listen if you are into hearing about how the criminal justice system works. The first two seasons take on a single case and explore it deeply over the course of the entire season. The third season takes a different approach and looks at a host of ordinary cases in Cleveland. The goal of this last season is to look at how the entire system functions.


The American Life is a great listen for anyone who enjoys explorative journalism that is not focused on crime. The American Life has been on the air for 25 years with over two million listeners every week, making it a classic.


Off Book is an interesting match-up of improv and music. Every episode the hosts improvise an entire musical while you listen. It is entertaining as only improv can be.


My Favorite Murder commonly appears on favorite podcast lists for those who enjoy real-life murder stories. This particular presentation takes a little different approach as the host adds a little comedic relief to the presentation.


Book Cheat is a perfect option for people who love literature but do not have time for a full read. Book Cheat tackles a piece of classic literature in every episode, in an abridged version. Rather than listening to hours of an audiobook, you can get the highlights in about 90 minutes.


Stuff You Should Know is for those who reject the saying that curiosity killed the cat. There is a whole world of information and it is fun to have a working knowledge of it. Stuff You Should Know explores that world and helps satisfy your curious mind.

Hopefully these apps will make your next road trip a little easier amd a little more enjoyable.