If you’ve got heavy hauls and want the easiest and most efficient way to unload them, then buying a Load Trail dump trailer is probably your best bet. These trailers use hydraulics to tilt the trailer itself away from the frame, making unloading a breeze. They are a great investment, but they are also a purchase that should be made wisely and with consideration.

With so many of these trailer options to choose from out there, you may be wondering how to go about choosing the right one for your own specific needs. Not everyone uses dump trailers for exactly the same purposes, and its important to understand how to make a decision that is in your own best interest. To make the process easier, we at Load Trail have put together a list of the things that you should pay special attention to when choosing the right dump trailer.

Be Mindful of Your Typical Load Size

All dump trailers are designed with specific load-bearing capabilities. Some can handle more weight than others, so you will need to know your typical load weight when trying to choose the right dump trailer for you. You will want to figure out if a light or heavy-duty option will work best for the materials you plan on moving. Remember, it is better to have a heavy-duty trailer that you under-use as opposed to having a light-duty trailer that you over-use.

While light-duty dump trailers are typically more affordable than the heavy-duty alternative, making the investment can actually save you money on trailer repairs and maintenance down the line. Hauling too much weight in a trailer that wasn’t designed for it can damage the hydraulics or axles and leave you with costly repairs. If in doubt at all, definitely consider the heavy-duty option for your own peace of mind.

Consider Where You Will Be Hauling and Working

The environment in which you will be working and using your new trailer will also play a part in choosing the right one for your specific purposes. Not all dump trailers are designed to handle rough terrain, and you can damage them significantly if you often use them in areas they aren’t intended for. If you plan on working on gravel or among rougher terrain, then a heavy-duty trailer may be in your best interest.

Think About Whether or Not You Want Removable Sides

Some dump trailers are built with removable sides. While this isn’t a necessary feature for everyone, it can be a real game-changer for others. Without removable sides, you will be restricted to hauling items that are exactly the right size or smaller than the bed of the trailer itself. This is fine if you only plan on moving items like dirt, gravel, hay, or anything else that needs to be contained within the walls of the trailer.

However, a trailer with removable sides also allows you the option of hauling items that are larger than the bed itself. This includes items such as lumbar, pipes, or anything else that can be fastened to the trailer even if it hangs over the sides of the bed. This is a great feature for anyone who will be hauling a variety of items rather than just one type repeatedly.

Research the Brand and Durability

Not all dump trailers are created equally, so it’s important to do you research before investing in one of your own. Research the brands and find one that is reputable and uses high-quality materials in the building of their dump trailers. Investing in a higher-quality purchase right now means that you can save money on repair or replacement of the trailer down the line.

Pay special attention in your research to the quality and durability of the dump trailer’s most important features: the axles and hydraulics. These are what keep your trailer stable on the ground and what allows the dumping feature to work smoothly, even with heavier loads. If the trailer you’re looking at doesn’t use durable axles and hydraulics, then it probably isn’t going to be worth the money you’re spending on it.

Consider the Accessories or Attachments You Want

You may be completely fine with a standard option trailer without any bells and whistles at all. However, some people will find that certain accessories or attachments work well with what they will be using their own trailer for.

Although dump trailers already allow for incredibly easy and fast unloading, you may want to buy one with a slide-out ramp if you intend on hauling loads of materials that can’t simply be dumped at the drop-off site. Or, maybe you want lock-in accessories – such as tool chests or trays – that won’t go flying towards the back of the trailer when you lift the hydraulics.