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Your trailer works as hard as you; wear and tear can slow it down and affect its smooth running. USA Trailers welcomes owners of any size trailer, from small utility trailers to equipment haulers. Bring your trailer to USA Trailers today for a free estimate on any repair or general maintenance. Whether your trailer needs new brakes, tires, or some welding or stone-guards we are equipped to provide all services that you may need. We can help you get it fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. The pros at USA Trailer work on all brands so your trailer doesn’t have to be bought from us to be serviced and all work is backed up by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t let warranty issues and processes stress you out. Your trailer deserves better and the professionals at USA Trailers are here to help you. We handle warranty work on all trailer lines we sell. Quality repair doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Stop in and see us the next time your trailer has a service, warranty issue or you want to add a new hitch to your vehicle.


Trailer wiring is one of the most challenging elements to repair.Often strung under the trailer undercarriage,trailer wiring is subjected to moisture,road salt and flying debris kicked up by the tires.If we are lucky,the damage is obvious with hanging,broken wires. For older trailers that are in need of new trailer wiring,we do not splice in pieces,but instead rewire the trailer completely,ensuring many more years of service.

Tandem axle trailers usually have brakes on both axles but some only one axle. It is recommended to have an electric brake controller mounted in the vehicle which operates the brakes on the trailer. Most later model trucks and SUV’s are pre-wired from the factory.Boat trailers and some other trailers come with hydraulic surge brakes which we can also work on.


We make trailer repairs that require welding or fabricating some of the damaged components, weather it is cutting off damaged pieces and welding on new we can take care of your needs.

We sell and install hitches for most applications. Call us today and we will give you an estimate for your vehicle. We also sell and install fifth wheel hitches for pickups. We offer various types of hardware components that are on trailers such as latches ,locks, storage boxes. All types of parts in stock or available in a short time.

We sell new trailer tires weather if you are replacing old worn tires or need a spare wheel and tire. Tire and wheel balancing is very important part of trailer maintenance as tires that are not balanced will wear bad and chops up the tire. A lot of people do not believe that it is necessary to balance tires on a trailer but in fact, it is the opposite.

For a person’s safety and well being a person check all lighting, tires before using the trailer. Bring your trailer by for a free courtesy check. If in the event that it does need repairs we will give you a free estimate.