Our friends at Load Trail have designed the perfect tilt trailer that meets all of your needs. Check out what makes the Tilt-N-Go the tilt trailer you have been dreaming of for your hauling your rig People in Michigan love their vehicles, and love to show them off. Whether you are a classics aficionado, love mud bogs, or are more of a racetrack fan, you have a similar struggle. Trying to load your vehicle on a trailer and get it to your destination without damage seems to be a never-ending struggle.

When you look for a car hauler for your vehicle, it seems nearly impossible to find a perfect match. You want something easier to load than the narrow loading tracks. You also want something you can easily get into and out of your vehicle while loading.

Tilt Trailer: Ease of Loading

The first thing you will notice is how easy it is to load your vehicle onto the trailer. The deck comes in long 18’ or 24’ options, providing plenty of room for your rig. It is designed with a knife-edge tail to allow it to rest flush on the ground.

The deck itself is equipped with a gravity style tilt along with a hydraulic cushioning cylinder. As you load, once the weight passes the center of gravity, the deck slowly lowers back to a level position. When it is time to unload, you simply roll your vehicle back and allow gravity to do the work.

This setup ensures you are no longer guessing if the ramps and wheels are lined up correctly as you load. The fenders tilt with the deck as well, reducing the guessing of where your bumpers will be once the car comes off the ramps.

All of this reduces the risk of damaging your car, trailer or causing someone injury. It also makes it easier to load your vehicle without the extra help needed on more traditional trailers.

Hauling with Plenty of Room

Another pain when loading a vehicle on a trailer is the room between the fenders and being able to open your door to get out of or back into your vehicle. The Tilt-N-Go offers a roomy 83” between fenders. That space allows you to load something as big as a suburban with plenty of room to spare. The wheels are also back far enough that you should be able to navigate opening the door once the car is loaded.

Durability in Design

Finally, this Load Trail trailer is built to last as you haul it around Michigan and beyond. It boasts a heft 8” I-beam tongue and frame. It is professionally finished with the Sherwin-Williams Powdura Powder Coating.

You may also upgrade the yellow pine flooring to the Blackwood rubber infused lumber. Blackwood makes it easier to load your vehicle and improves the durability of the deck flooring. This is especially important if you are hauling a mud truck and want to ensure your trailer can withstand the rugged job.