Whether the landscape business is your primary job or a side gig, it is a bustling industry around Michigan. As you work to bring beauty to homes and businesses around the area, you need a landscaping trailer that can help get you there. But with all of the options available, how do you decide which one is best for your business?

Landscape Business: How Much Do You Need to Tow?

The first thing to consider is how much you need to tow, both in terms of weight and space. You want to be sure you have enough space for everything you need. However, you also want to be sure the trailer is designed to take whatever weight you put into it.

Before shopping for a landscaping trailer, be sure you have already bought or decided on your equipment. The last thing you want to do is get a trailer, and then find out it is too small for the mowing deck you plan to acquire.

Also think about how your equipment will fit into the trailer rather than just the square foot measurement compared to your equipment. Many trailers may have the right dimensions, but one you start loading equipment, you find it is hard to actually fit everything properly.

Your planned towing capacity will determine whether you need a single- or double-axle setup. It will also help determine the kind of hitch you need, and whether you should plan on having brakes.

Tow Vehicle Capacity

You also need to consider your tow vehicle before looking at a trailer. First, know what the towing capacity is for your vehicle. It does not serve you to get a trailer with a large towing capacity if your vehicle cannot muster the power the needed.

Next, consider what kind of hitch will be appropriate. Are you going to use a standard bumper hitch, or are you looking at fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch? This will affect your options for trailers, your capacity, and ultimately what kind of jobs you can take

Ease of Loading

You want to be sure you think through how you will load your equipment while consider the size. Will you load in through the back of the trailer? Do you want removable ramps, or a gate system? Would a hydraulic tilt system be a better fit for your equipment? If you are considering a covered trailer, do you need a side access door?

Covered or Open

There is the question of whether to get an open or a closed trailer. This is going to be a lot of personal preference for someone in the landscape business, but should have some practical considerations.

Open trailers are generally easier to load, and will be less expensive than a comparable covered option. Covered trailers, on the other hand, will offer better security for your equipment, and protect it from inclement weather. Covered trailers also offer the option for adding your company information or an add to the side or rear panels.

How To Stow Equipment

Think about how you will stow your equipment once it is loaded. Do you need tie-downs on the floor for your mower deck? Will you have racks on the walls for your blowers, trimmers, and rakes?

What about your fuel and other liquids, will you stow that in the primary trailer, or add a cage on the tongue? This is especially important to avoid a fire hazard over the hot summer months.


Finally, consider what budget you want to stay within for this acquisition. Your trailer may very well be a depreciable expense for your taxes. As you plan for the purchase, be sure to consult with your tax professional to understand the broader implications for your taxes.

Also consider what having the right trailer will do for growing your business around Michigan. Don’t go cheap on a trailer and end up limiting your business opportunities.