One thing many excited new ATV owners forget is that you will probably also need an ATV trailer to haul your new vehicle around. Today’s ATVs, or all terrain vehicles, are both fun and functional. This makes ATVs an all-around good purchase choice for work and recreation. But, it is important to pick the right size trailer with the right features to keep your new investment safe and handy.

In this article, learn about the most important considerations to think through to decide which ATV trailer is the right fit for your new all terrain vehicle.

ATV Trailer Tips: What Are the Dimensions of Your ATV?

You will want to jot down the exact measurements of your all terrain vehicle: height, depth and width.

Most standard (adult) ATVs will fit into a four-foot by six-foot hauling trailer. However, if your vehicle has special add-ons or features, you may find that a five-foot by eight-foot trailer is much roomier and easier to navigate on-boarding and off-loading.

If you have two ATVs you want to haul together, consider whether you plan to load them in tip to tail or side by side. Another option is to load one in tip to tail and the second one in sideways. By calculating the dimensions of all three options you can determine the smallest hauling trailer you can get away with purchasing.

If you have more than one ATV you want to haul in a single trailer and each ATV is a different size, taking some time to calculate precise dimensions can help you save on a travel trailer purchase.

How Much Does Your ATV Weigh & What Is Your Vehicle’s Tow Capacity?

Size (dimensions) is not the only important determinant of the trailer size you will need to haul your ATV. You also need to consider how much each ATV weighs and the towing capacity of the vehicle you plan to use for hauling.

The major determinant of your ATV’s weight is engine size. A 50cc ATV designed for a young rider is most likely going to weigh in at around 200 pounds. Contrast that with a 1,000cc ATV with a jaw-dropping weight of around 800 pounds.

It is smart to start with the total tow capacity of the hauling vehicle and work backwards from there. This is because you will need to factor in both the total weight of the ATV to be hauled and the total weight of the hauling trailer.

One great idea if you are close to your total towing capacity is to look for an aluminum frame hauling trailer. This will come in at a much lower weight than the traditional stainless steel hauling trailer.

Think Through Your On-Boarding and Off-Loading Options

Just because an ATV is speedy and quick on the turn with wheels on the ground doesn’t necessarily translate to its maneuverability into and out of a hauling trailer.

Choosing the right travel trailer will ensure your ATV stays safe while being loaded and unloaded and also doesn’t turn into a serious chore! The last thing you want is to use your new ATV less because it is so hard to load and unload it into the travel trailer you selected.

There are several ramp options when it comes to loading and off-loading. If you are planning to load your ATVs side by side, consider whether this may mean you have to load and unload them in a sideways position. This can be quite difficult, especially with heavier ATVs.

Many travel trailers also offer side ramp loading options that may enable you to purchase less trailer for the ATVs you want to haul. It is worth taking a look at your options from every angle to determine what will be the most affordable and easiest trailer to load and unload.

Also Consider the Climate Where You Plan to Ride

It is true that ATVs as a rule are built to tackle tough terrain. However, they can still get damaged by that terrain. Even worse, ATVs are often damaged by simple exposure to the elements while en route to the destination.

Rain, ice, snow, road gravel, rocks and debris can all cause damage, whether cosmetic or functional, to your ATVs. This is especially the case in certain climates where extremely hot and humid or dry and cold weather may make it wiser to choose a fully enclosed trailer for hauling.

Putting It All Together to Choose Your Trailer

The ultimate goal is to select a travel trailer that is within your budget, roomy enough for your ATV cargo, meets your towing vehicle’s requirements and protects your investment.

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