It’s exciting to have a trailer that keeps up with your needs, whether they’re for business or pleasure. Unfortunately, your trailer will need repairs over time, and it’s important to know what trailer parts you may need, and where to get them. USA Trailer offers the best trailer parts and accessories for just about every trailer. Order most parts and have them shipped directly to your home or office.

Replacement Trailer Tires

The first line of defense for keeping you safe as you haul your load are the tires you have installed. Don’t let bald tires put you, your load, and others at risk. USA Trailer has the right 6, 8, or 10-ply tires to fit most trailer applications.


Axles are a fairly common replacement item, especially if you use your hauling with all the salt on the roads over the Michigan winter. It’s important to know exactly what size axle you need to prevent damage to your tires. If the axle’s too short, your tires will rub against the frame. If it’s too long, it could cause damage to the axle beam.

Ball Mount

The ball mount fits into the hitch on your vehicle, and mounts the hitch ball. While there’s a variety of ball mounts available, the right one will keep your trailer level while you’re towing it. Start by knowing what size hitch you have, then work to find the right style that’ll work properly.

Hitch Ball

The trailer attaches to your tow vehicle at the tongue, and typically comes in three different sizes: 1 7/8 in, 2 in, and 2 5/16 in. It’s imperative to have the proper size ball for the trailer you’re hauling. If you have multiple trailers with different size tongues, consider an interchangeable ball system.

Wiring Harness

Keeping the lights working on your trailer keeps you safe and out of trouble with law enforcement. The wiring harness acts as the conduit to connect = to your tow vehicle through a single plug, rather than each wire individually. Wiring harnesses can easily become damaged through normal wear, especially if they’re not properly secured.

Reflectors and Lights

In addition to your wiring harness, you’ll need to make sure you keep your reflectors and lights in good condition. Aside from periodically replacing light bulbs, your marker lights may sustain damage from low-hanging debris or storms. USA trailer keeps all the lights and reflectors needed to ensure you’re always DOT-compliant and avoid any delays due to safety stops.


Fenders protect your trailer’s load, the trailer, and the other vehicles on the road from debris your trailer may kick up. That’s why many states require them to legally operate. This is also why they get damaged and may need replacing before it’s time to retire the trailer.


The panels of your trailer may also corrode before it’s time to replace. While you can try to do a patch repair, it’s better to replace the entire panel if at all possible. The custom shop at USA Trailer can fabricate and install the exact panels needed for your rig, including custom welding jobs.

Leaf Springs

Your trailer’s suspension is a series of leaf springs on both sides of the axel. Due to their location, several components can corrode and need replacing. The leaf springs themselves can crack. The mounting bolts can rust through, and allow the leaves to separate. Then there’s the leaf spring shackles that attach the leaves to the frame that also rust and break.

Equalizer Bars

If you have multiple axles, you will have equalizer bars to evenly distribute the load between the axles. Just like the leaf spring hardware, these are exposed to the grime from the road and will corrode.

Ventilation Lid

Your ventilation lids and caps may become brittle over time with exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation. You may need to replace these to continue protecting your trailer from weather, but allow the hot air to vent out.

Tongue Jack

Your tongue jack allows you to easily take your trailer off the hitch. Over time, this may freeze up or corrode, and need a replacement. When considering your options, be sure you get a stand that will mount correctly to your trailer’s tongue while giving you the right load capacity.


If your trailer comes equipped with brakes, you’ll need to plan to replace the hardware regularly. The weight of your load, your towing habits, and the towing environment will all play a role in determining how often you’ll need brake work. Whether you have hydraulic or electric brakes, USA Trailers has the parts you need to ensure you always have the braking power to keep you and the load safe.

Make sure you can get all the parts you need to keep rolling strong for all your adventures and needs. Whether you’re in Michigan or elsewhere, have most accessories and parts shipped directly to your home.