Unfortunately, trailer theft is more common than you’d think, even in the rural parts of Michigan. Even with trailer insurance that protects against theft, you’re still out of the time you’ve invested into setting up your trailer if it is stolen. Consider these simple security measures to prevent becoming the next victim of trailer theft.

Getting the perfect trailer requires a significant investment of both time and money. You spend time researching the best trailer and setup, matching your trailer to your tow vehicle, and then outfitting the rig to secure everything you need to take along with you.

Trailer Theft: Anti-theft Mechanisms

You’ve likely seen or considered one of the many anti-theft mechanisms as you’ve thought through keeping your rig secure. There are a variety of locks available, and sometimes it’s a combination of these devices that provides the most deterrence.

Tongue Lock

Your trailer is most vulnerable when it’s disconnected from your vehicle. This attaches to the tongue at the ball coupler, preventing a hitch from connecting to it. Look for a model that is tool- and pick-resistant so that they are not easily circumvented.

Hitch Lock

While your trailer is hooked up to your vehicle, there’s nothing that prevents someone from pulling the hitch pin and removing the ball from the hitch with your trailer attached. A hitch lock replaces the standard hitch pin, making it impossible for an unauthorized person to remove it without the key.

Chock Lock

Cities are famous for the wheel “boot” when someone’s parked where they shouldn’t or if they’re delinquent on parking tickets. However, you can use this technology to also thwart would-be thieves. Even a single unit on one wheel will prevent the entire trailer from moving more than a few inches.

Spare Tire Lock

If your normal locking device isn’t working or you haven’t gotten one yet, you may need something as a stop-gap measure. Your spare tire lock will work on your hitch and will act as a deterrent both for your trailer and then for trying to steal your spare tire.

Use a Chain

If all else fails, you can resort to a solid chain, an immovable object like a tree or cement light post, and a combination lock. Simply wrap the chain around the axle and then around the stationary object. Just be sure you’re using a substantial chain and lock so that it’s not easy for bolt cutters to break through.

Alternative Deterrents

In addition to the variety of locks available, there are several other things you can do to deter would-be thieves. While these don’t take the place of quality locks, they will make your trailer less attractive and potentially save damage from someone trying to break your locks.

How You Park

The way you park can have a significant impact on how attractive your trailer is to potential thieves. Start by looking for a well-lit parking spot, avoiding dark or shadowed areas. Next, disconnect your trailer from your tow vehicle, and then block the trailer in. This means you need to park it where it’s blocked by a building or something immovable to prevent someone from coming at it from a different direction. Finally, don’t leave your trailer parked without your tow vehicle. It’s much more difficult to steal a trailer that’s still attached to a vehicle.

Trailer’s Paint Job

The more unique you can make your trailer, the less attractive it is for someone to steal. Consider the difference between a plain white trailer and a trailer with your company’s logo or something unique on the side or back. Find some way to make the trailer as unique as possible. Thieves tend to prefer jobs they can pull off anonymously, and the more identifiable your trailer is the more likely a thief will pass it up for an easier target.

Install GPS Tracking

It may not help prevent theft, but a GPS device can prove helpful if your trailer is stolen. You can use something as simple as an Apple Air Tag, or use something that’s designed specifically for trailers. There are trailer trackers with strong magnets that keep them attached to your trailer’s frame. Should your trailer get stolen, this can be invaluable in helping police track it down.

Keep your trailer from being targeted for theft by implementing simple security measures. Visit one of the USA Trailer Michigan showrooms to get the best equipment for securing your trailer whenever you park it.