Clearly one of the best trailer options regardless of the type of watercraft you have are the Genesis Trailers, built right in Holland. Here are some of the reasons you’ll want to consider Genesis for your next boating trailer.

One of the joys of living in Michigan is the number of lakes and the opportunity for recreational boating. Whether you are a fan of personal watercraft, speed boats, or larger pontoon boats, the consistent question is what trailer to get with your trailer.

Genesis Trailers: Importance of Construction

It may seem like a trailer is a trailer, but when it comes to hauling a boat, construction makes a difference. Launching your watercraft is a major part of enjoying water sports, which inevitably includes submerging your trailer.

This is when construction matters the most. Many steel trailers are simply painted to try to keep them looking good. Unfortunately, this offers very little protection, and the underlying metal starts rusting almost immediately.

This is especially true for many of the lakes around Michigan, which already have water heavy with natural rust. This gets into any flaws in the pain and begins oxidizing, leading to corrosive rust problems.

All Genesis trailers are made of galvanized steel to prevent this rust from forming. The galvanizing process takes the steel and dips it in liquid zinc. This zinc won’t rust, so it protects your trailer better than any paint or powder coating.

Variety of Trailer Types

Genesis offers a wide variety of trailers for whatever watercraft you prefer. Within these different styles, there are also different sizes so that you can find the perfect trailer for your need.

The personal watercraft (PWC) trailer is available in both the single and double options. The single is 42” wide, while the double is 81” with a catwalk between the two bunks. This trailer also features adjustable bunks, a winch stand, and bow roller.

Anyone who is fond of taking to the lakes to enjoy fishing will love the fish boat trailer. This is available in both 42” and 54” width and 14’ or 16’ lengths. They also have adjustable bunks, a winch stand, and a keel roller.

If manual watercraft is more your style, you’ll enjoy the kayak and canoe trailer. This offers a 2- or 4-place confirmation which is 42” wide and available in 14’ or 16’ lengths. There is also a 6-place option which is 54” wide and available in 16’ or 18’ lengths. It also offers adjustable axles, uprights, and crossarms.

There are also several options for the pontoon lovers. There is the pontoon float-on available in 12’ to 28’ length with single-, tandem-, and triple-axel configurations.

Then there’s the pontoon crank-up available in 16’ to 28’ lengths, and single- or tandem-axel options. The pontoon crank-on also has the option for a hydraulic crank to save your back.

For the larger tritoon boats, there is the larger center tube trailer, available in 20’ to 28’ length with tandem- or triple-axel options. The tritoon trailer offers tandem- or triple-axel options.

Enhanced Add-ons

Beyond physically fitting your boat on the trailer, Genesis offers several upgrade options you’ll want to consider. The first are the LED lights, which are much less likely to break while loading in cold water. You may also consider adding guides that stand up from your trailer to make loading much easier.

For the heavier pontoon boats, consider equipping your trailer with a braking system. Genesis offers both electric and hydraulic options, depending on your needs and tow vehicle.