One premium manufacturer many of our clients in Michigan are gravitating toward is Middlebury Trailers. MTI Trailers is Offers a wide range of options, and provides smart solutions for a more discerning client.

Getting the right trailer for your needs is important, and part of that comes down to the manufacturer. Working with an independent dealer, like USA trailers, means you know you have options across many manufacturers to find the best fit.

Middlebury Trailers (MTI): More Than a Basic Trailer Manufacturer

When it comes to trailers you have the option of going with a budget trailer or opting for a premium quality trailer. Both will likely serve you well in the beginning. However, how long it lasts, and how much maintenance is required will vary depending on this quality. MTI Trailers focuses on bringing you the premium quality that will last so you know you can depend on it for all your needs for years to come.

Steel or Aluminum

Middlebury Trailers offer two options for their trailer construction. There is the old reliable steel construction, which is perfect for heavy-duty applications like the Crown Series Stacker Race Trailer. However, some prefer a lighter material that is more economical which comes from aluminum.

Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are some of the most versatile options for those traveling throughout Michigan. MTI Trailers offers a variety of design options to meet your specific needs, including flat-top wedge, and truck body style styles. These are also available in lengths from 6’ to 34’, ensuring you have the right length for any application.

Car Haulers

A favorite pastime of many Michiganders is the classic car show. Most enthusiasts tow their classic to a show rather than adding miles and risking damage. MTI offers several options for car hauler trailers, including both open and enclosed options. There is also a combination two-in-one snowmobile and car hauler. These are perfect to transport both a recreational vehicle along with a car.

Sport & ATV Trailers

Many Michiganders also enjoy off-road sports and adventures and need a trailer to help them get on with their adventure. While commonly used for snowmobiles, these sport trailers also serve many other purposes. Some may use them to help transport sports equipment for a local team. You may load up your hunting or fishing equipment and ATV to help get to their favorite place on a lake or in the woods. Regardless of how you use these sport trailers, they offer easy access through the front.

Concession Trailers

While food trucks tend to get a lot of the popular attention, many are now turning to concession trailers to create a side hustle. These are easy to haul and park to just about any location, and can be configured for any number of styles. These particular trailers come equipped with a freshwater tank and water heater. They are also equipped with a 100 amp electrical panel, and stainless steel sink. It is the perfect blank canvas that you can customize for whatever kind of food you want to market.